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7 inspiring colour schemes for your perfect kitchen

Modern kitchen design with range featured wall

There are many factors to consider when making the crucial decision of choosing a new kitchen for your home. Size, layout, storage, lighting, and the choice between laminate, granite or quartz worktops are all essential considerations that must be made before taking the leap into the brave new world of products offered by Ramsbottom Kitchens.

Luckily, we have experts on hand to advise you on all of the above. Perhaps the most subjective and vital choice of all however, is colour and colour combinations. The palette of choice will hugely impact the tone and feel of your kitchen, helping to craft exactly the kind of space you desire.

Whether it’s warm colours for a welcoming feel, brighter colours for something livelier, or something different altogether – we have got you covered on all bases.

Read on for 7 inspiring examples of colour combinations that could work for your new kitchen.

1. Olive Green & Cream

If simple black and white isn’t your thing, then perhaps something with a little more character is exactly what you need to find your perfect kitchen.

Pictured here as part of our modern Woodgrain Oak kitchen collection, this particular shade presents a happy medium between light and dark colours.

Woodgrain Arlington Oak Kitchen

Many people find that green suits the kitchen area, as it is generally thought of as a natural or organic colour. These bolder colours combine perfectly with a woodgrain effect, showcased on the units above.

All of this is topped off with a cream, granite effect worktop and accompanying ornaments, all of which complement the woodgrain effectively.

2. Ivory & Light Grey

Perhaps you’re looking for a colour palette that is clean and simple?

At Ramsbottom Kitchens, we have every type of kitchen and colour combination you can think of.  It doesn’t get more traditional than an ivory finish, pictured here as part of our Character Painted kitchen.

Character Painted Kitchen

Ivory provides a feeling of space and the sense of a kitchen that is always uncluttered.

Mix the ivory in with hints of light grey to provide an edge that is darker yet still simple, and you find yourself with a basic colour palette that manages to combine classic and modern styles.

3. Aubergine & Woodgrain Grey

Now more than ever, kitchens are considered social areas outside of their traditional use. To reflect this change, many now prioritise warmth and comfort – a priority often reflected in their choice of colours.

If this sounds like your dream scenario, then look no further than the Woodgrain Grey Nebraska Oak kitchen shown here.

Woodgrain Grey Nebraska Oak Kicthen

Unique aubergine cupboards add something a bit different to your kitchen, whilst maintaining the warmer tone set by the dark Nebraska oak and woodgrain finish.

If you want nothing more than to feel at home when you enter your kitchen, then this colour combination is well worth a look.

4. Anthracite, Wood & Ivory

For a dark yet elegant look, anthracite is the new black and is a great option. Seen here in the painted finish as part of our Savoy Limestone and Anthracite range, the colour marries well with wood and provides a great contrast to any colour that may be used in an accompanying dining area.

Savoy Limestone and Anthracite Kitchen

Any contrast of light and dark can work well together, but anthracite and limestone are the classics for a reason. These colours and tones make for a sophisticated combination that oozes class and comfort.

5. Cashmere

A gloss finish isn’t just available in white, but also the prominent use of cashmere or ivory. This kitchen is our Mattonella Gloss Cashmere offering, providing a colour scheme that is at once sleek and modern whilst also maintaining an element of simplicity.

Mattonella Gloss Cashmere Kitchen

The dark worktop on the island once again prove an excellent partner for the central theme, utilising the long-trusted two tone of light and dark that is seen across so many designs both within and outside the kitchen industry.

The silver touches on show only add to the overall mystique of this thoroughly modern choice of colours and finishes.

6. Champagne & Brown Grey

Nothing evokes warmth and comfort quite like the wide selection of brown shades on offer.

Take this kitchen for example, completed in three different yet compatible brown tones to make a kitchen for all seasons.

Woodgrain Champagne Avola Kitchen

The duo of champagne and woodgrain make for a rustic feel without sacrificing the clean clarity that many look for in their kitchen.

7. Platinum White & Dark Grey

A perfect match for high-end designs such as this Edwardian kitchen, platinum white is a slightly bolder alternative to the more traditional ivory. This is a smart choice for anyone wanting a versatile colour that will go well with many others.

Edwardian Platinum White Kitchen

This kitchen alone pictures the platinum white alongside traditional wooden furniture and flooring, dark grey worktops and cream brick walls.

If you are looking to mix it up whilst staying amongst the neighbourhood of ‘safe’ colours and tones, then platinum white should be top of your list.

At Ramsbottom Kitchens, we have all the above colours, and more, available across our varied selection of kitchens, contact us now or visit our showroom for inspiration and advice.

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