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Bye Bye Kettle, Hello Quooker Boilg

Quooker Boiling Water Tap

If you hate getting up in the morning and waiting for the kettle to boil for that oh-so-important first cup of coffee, or if you’ve forgotten to put the pasta on, and your sauce starts to turn whilst you’re waiting for the water to boil in the pan; then you may think waiting for hot water is one of life’s little niggles.

It’s such a simple thing, boiling water but with busy lives. We don’t all want to be waiting around – especially if we’re hungry or thirsty. There are, of course coffee machines with timers on the market, but they only deal with one problem – what we need is hot water, instantly.

Enter the Quooker Boilg Hot Water Tap.

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What’s this? Instant boiling water? From the tap?


This nifty little innovation from Quooker UK gives you boiling hot water at the turn of a tap, and can make waiting for your morning brew a thing of the past. This must have kitchen appliance doesn’t even take up room in the kitchen, as the tank fits under the worktop with the tap on top. You can even choose whether you’d prefer a separate tap for boiling water, or a mixer tap that can dispense cold, hot and boiling water from one single spout. With a choice of designs and finishes, this is the one innovation that will go with any kitchen.

The benefits, of course, are vast. Imagine cooking breakfast in the morning! Boiled eggs? No problem, hot coffee for one and herbal tea for another? Absolutely fine. And at lunch and teatime it saves you time boiling veg, pasta and any other dish that requires water to be added. You’ll even be able to save workspace where your kettle once stood, and the sleek design will fit in well with any style of kitchen. Want to see how it works? Click here!

Here at the Ramsbottom Kitchen Company, we embrace new innovations wholeheartedly. We love the Quooker Boiling Water Tap so much, we can provide and fit it into your new kitchen, whatever style you choose.

To find out more about other kitchen innovation from Ramsbottom kitchens that can save you time, or to get a quote on your new kitchen, just give us a call!

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