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Colour vs neutral Sheraton Kitchens

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A Sheraton kitchen is the very embodiment of precision and elegance, thanks to close attention to detail and the use of premium quality materials, and they come in various styles to ensure there is something to suit your taste. A modern design, which brings together flexibility, functionality and style; traditional, providing a classic and ageless style that also incorporates modern functions; or its shaker style, which has a distinctive design and timeless appeal.

Choosing your new kitchen can be a difficult one with so much choice, especially if you consider the various finishes, including the likes of a woodgrain effect, gloss or painted wood. But what if you found it easy to choose the style that suited your home, and you were instead deliberating between modern, sophisticated colours or something more rustic? Here at Ramsbottom Kitchens we want to help you make that choice so you can end up with your dream kitchen.

Choosing a neutral colour for your Sheraton kitchen

To many, neutral means plain and boring, but not to us. Neutral can mean anything from a smooth cream to a cosy light brown, providing a calming and harmonious atmosphere for your kitchen. This ensures your kitchen remains light and opened up; we are all familiar with the theory that a lighter colour can help a room look bigger!

Neutral colours match perfectly with any style of kitchen, whether you have chosen something classic or a little more modern; making them a definitive and strong choice for your new kitchen. But what if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, or you want something to brighten up the room even more?

Choosing a colour for your Sheraton kitchen

Whether you have an idea in mind or you are starting with a clean slate, the colour of your kitchen can make a big difference. Premium colours that are available with a Sheraton kitchen include a variety of warm, soft and inviting shades.

Ivory, light blue and sage grey are all great choices if you want to opt for something calm that has a subtle but effective result for your kitchen. Giving you an individual finish to your kitchen, lighter colours are understated and minimalist.

On the other hand, warmer colours such as exceptional greens, aubergines or even something such an intriguing anthracite would all provide a striking appearance to your kitchen. Making a bold and daring choice with an unusual colour may pay off, leaving you with a beautiful new kitchen.

Whatever design and colour you choose for your next kitchen, we are confident that a Sheraton kitchen is the perfect choice. If you require more help and inspiration browse our latest blog posts or come and visit our showroom near Bury, Greater Manchester and let our friendly team assist you.

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