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Probably the number one asked question. Really there is no definitive answer and is a case of ‘how long is a piece of string?’. 

There are several factors that come into play when we cost for a new kitchen. Firstly door style, we have a large range of door styles broken up into seven price groups. At one end we have doors made from laminated MFC and the other individually painted doors crafted from solid ash. This means the price can vary quite a lot from one door style to another. The second factor is the size of the kitchen, obviously a short run of units with oven, fridge, freezer and hob is going to be significantly less expensive than a large kitchen/diner with 8 or 9 appliances. The final thing is the specification level. Along with the kitchen furniture we offer an extensive range of worktops, appliances, sinks and taps. All of which depending on what specification you choose will determine the final price. 

The most important thing is that we can cater for every budget. Our design team each have over 20 years experience and will work closely with you to make sure that you not only have a design that you love but at a cost that is right for you.

£10 for kitchens under the value of £15,000. £1000 for kitchens over the value of £15,000. 

The remaining amount is paid for on delivery of your furniture and appliances. 

We offer a full kitchen design and quote service, free of charge.

If you know what you are looking for in-terms of style and lay-out or would like some designs to inspire you. Simply visit our showroom or give us a ring and arrange a suitable time and date for one of our designers to come out and measure up. 

Our designer will meet you at your home and discuss a “wish list” of what exactly you are looking for. Once they’ve done that, they will measure you kitchen and arrange a suitable time and date for you to come back to the showroom. 

The designer will then go away and put together a design (complete with 3D renderings of what your new kitchen will look like) and full quote. They will then present this to you at the showroom, where you can fine tune your design and plans. 

Yes, of course.

If you are planning and extension, barn conversion, new build etc and have architect’s plans for it then we will happily do a design and quotation based off these. We can work closely with your builders so that the timing is as streamlined as possible.

Either bring them to the showroom or email them to us at [email protected]

Our general rule of thumb is about a 25mile/40km radius of our showroom.

However we have done kitchens much further away than that. Even ones in Devon, Spain & Ireland. The best thing to do if you think we might be to far for you is to visit us in the showroom or ring and speak to us, and we will be happy to have a conversation about whether we can accommodate you. 

We certainly do!

Unlike other kitchen retailers, who would expect you to find your own tradesmen to handle the installation, we can do the lot! We have team of qualified and trusted fitters, electricians, plasterers, plumbers, tilers, everything. We can do everything from start to finish. 

Once we have received your deposit, we will then order your kitchen with Sheraton our UK based kitchen manufacturer, they then will begin manufacturing it to order (no stock off the shelves, your kitchen is built specifically for you). The minimum lead time for delivery is 4 weeks for non-painted kitchens and 5 weeks painted.

The installation takes around 2-3 weeks.

The first week our fitter will come and remove your old kitchen, the electrician will come do the initial electrical work and any other trades (plasterers and plumbers etc) will come do any necessary initial work as well. At the end of the first week you will have an empty room, primed and ready for your new kitchen. 

The second week will be the installation week and your kitchen will be delivered all furniture and appliances will be installed. Worktops will also be installed if they are laminate tops. 

If you choose Quartz or Granite worktops. This will be done in the third week. This then leaves the final piece of the jigsaw, tiling which will be done in the third week or as soon as possible. 

Not really. Unless, we did the original kitchen.

There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly, Cost. With kitchen furniture, the most expensive part of a unit is the door itself. The cost to you between doing a full door replacement and replacing the carcase’s as well is negligible. We’d rather do the job right, with piece of mind that the doors are on our 20 year guaranteed carcases that aren’t going to fail.

Next, Hinge holes. Each manufacturer will affix the hinges in different places on the door & carcase. So there is a good chance our doors hinges won’t match up to the positioning on the existing carcase and it will look a mess with lots of needless holes. Once again, we’d rather do the job right.

And finally. The “can of worms”, we find when ripping out old kitchens that often a kitchen might look pristine, almost brand new on the surface but once you start un-screwing things and taking bits apart that actually, the carcase on the sink base has gone all rotten, or the backs are all damaged or any number of things. If we were doing a door replacement, then these are issues that would need fixing and by the time that’s all been done, it would have been cheaper just to replace the whole kitchen and do it right from the beginning.

As a business we are incredibly proud of our work & we want to do a top quality job, that we know will last for years and years. With door replacements we can’t guarantee that and that’s why we would prefer not to do it. However, we will happily do a quote for a full kitchen & explain in depth why we think the job is worth doing right or not at all.

Yes, there is free parking outside the showroom. 

They certainly are!

Our kitchen Furniture comes with a 20 year guarantee on all cabinets, hinges and draw boxes; a 15 year guarantee on doors and selected accessories.

All of our NEFF appliances come with a 2 year warranty which can be extended further.

Our Silestone and Dekton quartz work surfaces come with a 25 year warranty.

Our Sensa granite work surfaces come with a 15 year warranty.

Our Franke sinks come with a 50 year warranty.

Unfortunately not. 

It’s something we explored and even though 0% finance sounds great, we would still be charged the interest and we would have to factor that into the cost of the kitchen. This would then make it harder for us to be competitive, and we pride ourselves on being able to beat any true like for like quote. 

Most banks will allow you to apply for a loan for a new kitchen at interests rates far better than what we would be charged to offer finance. Which is why our best recommendation is to go to your bank. 

We don’t keep anything in stock. If it’s not a kitchen we supplied and fitted we won’t be able to get the spare parts I’m afraid. If it is one of our kitchens, ring us or visit the showroom and we will be happy to help


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