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How to Incorporate Big Kitchen Ideas in to a Small Kitchen Space


It can be all too easy, when trying to make the most of a smaller kitchen space, to squeeze in as much as humanly possible. However, this can be counterproductive – an overly cluttered space always looks smaller and can feel claustrophobic. Worse still, cramming everything in will not make your kitchen an efficient space at all.

Maximising kitchen space

From an interior design perspective, smooth, sleek lines and glossy, bright finishes work well by maximising light in a smaller space. It’s imperative to properly plan the space with an expert, and leading designer kitchen installer, Ramsbottom Kitchen Company’s, innovative new kitchen Visualiser can help you do just that.

Ramsbottom Kitchens work with some of the UK’s most renowned designer kitchen names, such as Sheraton Kitchens, to give you your perfect custom kitchen, whatever the size. Whilst gloss is a great way to go for making your kitchen, it’s not for everyone, however, and it doesn’t have to be your only option.

Other ideas to consider are:

  • Add an island unit to optimise space – an island can provide a dining area or even accommodate the sink or hob as well as providing invaluable storage.
  • Enhance the kitchen with artwork. Bold canvases will enhance the kitchen, and potentially add a pop of colour, in an unobtrusive way. Avoid small knick-knacks which can exacerbate a cluttered feel.
  • Use the space around windows – and keep window treatments un-fussy.
  • Ask your kitchen designer to include hide-away storage systems to free up workspace.
  • Choose a beautiful and practical worktop, such as those by Silestone and Dekton, in a light-reflective glass, porcelain, polished or quartz finish.

Appliances can assist

A highly functional kitchen, however small, still needs a range of designer kitchen appliances for that top-of-the-range functionality and style. Integrated appliances engender a smooth, seamless feel, creating an impression of space – and many are available in slimmer styles.

Neff Slide and Hide ovens are one of the best examples of space-saving built-in kitchen appliances, with their state-of-the-art oven door which disappears under the oven when opened. As with all Neff appliances, it’s a thing of beauty as well as cutting-edge technology – again, when challenged with a small space, everything must be highly effective and look good.

Cutting-edge Quooker boiling water taps can negate the need for a kettle, thus freeing your worktop of clutter and Franke kitchen sink systems and taps will make the most of the space available while adding to the overall look.

Smaller kitchens can be every bit as beautiful and functional as open, airy large kitchens with just a little thought and planning plus the expertise of Ramsbottom Kitchen Company.


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