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Make your kitchen design stand the test of time

If your kitchen is looking dated, or you’ve just moved somewhere new, the likelihood is that you’ll start to dream about ripping out your current kitchen, and look at replacing it with something that’s bang on trend. However, trends change over time, and it’s not possible to change your kitchen every 6-12 months, so how can you avoid making the potentially expensive mistake of choosing a kitchen that dates too quickly?

Love the stuff you can’t see


As a general rule of thumb, when choosing improvements for your home it’s best to go for something that will look great for a long time to come. Whilst some decorative features can really date a kitchen, (such as door handles and accessories) if you love them, leave them in – as long as you have a classic, well made and high quality kitchen, such as Sheraton kitchens, where you can choose a classic, shaker or modern design. With these quality kitchen designs, you can change the small stuff relatively inexpensively, meaning your kitchen will always be on-trend.

Finding a style that doesn’t date

Whilst a sushi maker or built in coffee maker may be what you want right now, it’s often the things you don’t see that you’ll grow to love about your kitchen and nothing dates a kitchen firmly in the seventies quite like visible white goods. Create a clean look with integrated appliances and maximise the space you have with ample storage options such as slide-out units and clever turntables – if your family grows, your kitchen will have ample space to cope with the growing amount of kitchen equipment you’ll need, and you won’t feel like it’s too cluttered and you have to start anew.

Buy Quality, and reap the rewards for longer


Whether you prefer statement RangeMaster or sleek digital Neff appliances, their quality ensures their longevity – a highly practical kitchen will ALWAYS be fashionable. You can bring similar style to your sink and taps – again, the quality guarantees that they’ll never date. Franke sink systems bring elegance to your kitchen and Quooker taps are stylish and state-of-the-art – new converts must wonder how they managed before them. Ensure there’s plenty of workspace (with a solid and enduring worktop, of course – Dekton and Silestone’s ranges are unbeatable) perhaps including an island – one relatively recent trend that has become one must have that won’t date.

Get professional help

Of course the most important thing is to choose a supplier with an exceptional reputation for quality when it comes to kitchen design. Ramsbottom Kitchens, established as one of the UK’s leading kitchen showrooms, have almost 30 years of experience, but we don’t rest on our laurels, and find ways to keep up with current trends without offering kitchens that will lose their lustre over time. We offer kitchens that will truly become the heart of your home, in classic styles that don’t date, and with unique options to customise them to your taste.

The right way to make sure of a timeless kitchen is to go for the style you love with the innovations you need – from a company who’ve already stood the test of time.




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