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Neff Ovens: Do you know what each function of your oven is for and the best time to use it?

Neff ovens have been designed by people who are passionate about food and love spending time in the kitchen. This makes them unique in that they are designed for cooking good food with quality ingredients in mind.

Neff Slide & Hide Lifestyle

Here at Ramsbottom Kitchen Company we’re proud to be the leading supplier of Neff appliances and the premier designer kitchen installer in the North West. We work closely with Neff in order to help our customers get the right oven to suit their own personal cooking style, so whether you are King or Queen of the Sunday roast or the next winner of next year’s Bake Off, you will love cooking with a Neff oven.

Many people use just the one or two settings on their ovens without really understanding why. Neff ovens have a range of settings, perfectly suited for different foods and recipes. But in order for you to get the best out of your new oven you need to know what each function is for and when is the best time to use it.

Main settings

  • CircoTherm Eco – this setting is ideal for cooking frozen and convenience foods, bread, cake and meats using just the one level. It uses 30% less energy as it is optimised for cooking foods on one shelf.
  • CircoTherm Intensive – using a combination of CircoTherm and bottom heat, this setting is perfect for cooking foods which need a crispy underside side as pizza and speciality breads. It also eliminates the need for blind baking one stage pastry for items such as lemon merengue pie.
  • Top/bottom heat – ideal for baking pastries and scones this oven setting provides conventional cooking heat sources from the top and bottom of the oven. Convection drives the heat to the middle of the oven.
  • Bottom heat – as the name suggests, heat is provided from the bottom of the oven. Perfect for pizza bases and pastry cases and also casseroles and Bain Marie.
  • Defrost – defrosting times are sped up as CircoTherm fans circulate air around the oven, keeping the moisture and colour of the food. Perfect for meat and poultry as well as more delicate foods.
  • Circo roasting – the perfect setting for cooking meat and poultry for a rotisserie result. Cooking time is reduced as the grill and oven alternate distribution of heat.
  • Bread baking – ideal for baking crusty bread with and open texture, up to three levels of bread can be baked on this setting.
  • Pyrolytic Self Cleaning – when all the cooking and baking is finished set this function and the process superheats the oven to approximately 485C which burns off any left over deposits, creating a perfectly clean oven.

Additional functions

As well as the standard settings, extra settings can be added to the Neff Slide and Hide oven for passionate cooks. Steam cooking is perfect for keeping foods tasty while maintaining all their nutrients. A low temperature setting can be added, specifically designed for pan seared meat it gently tenderises without over cooking. Other features include dough proving, plate warming and self-cleaning functions. There is something to suit every cooking style.

The display on Neff ovens shows each setting in symbols making them easy to use and understand. Knowing which oven setting to use, and when to use it, is the key to preparing the perfect dish.


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