Top 2021 Kitchen Trends to Transform Your Home

Written by Daniel Peace

March 8, 2020

2020 is upon us, and the new year will once again bring with it a barrage or new and emerging kitchen trends. With each passing year, technology, style and general kitchen behaviours are changing more and more. As such, this is another year of innovation, development and experimentation. If you’re looking to give your kitchen a boost with something new, or indeed if you are planning a complete overhaul, then look no further than this rundown of the biggest 2019 kitchen trends that will transform your home for the better.

Digital Technology

As detailed in our last blog post of 2018, the rise of technology through appliances and gadgets is only going to get bigger. From digital cooker hoods to wi-fi enabled coffee machines and beyond, the kitchen is becoming personalised and high tech in 2019. If you want your kitchen to be a beacon of modern thinking, then you should consider one of the many technological advancements that have graced kitchens in recent years. Don’t worry, they look great too.

Large Splashback (Backsplashes)

Splashback (Backsplashes) aren’t a new trend, but their popularity continues to grow and will do so again in 2019. One development within this particular trend is the use of larger splashback (backsplashes) that act as a feature within the kitchen. Consider them the kitchen equivalent of feature walls within a living room, only serving a practical purpose alongside their aesthetic appeal. The best of both worlds! Large splashback (backsplashes) look particularly good in glass, where you can choose your own colour to compliment your new kitchen, or you could decide to match with your worktops in quartz or laminate (common with a gorgeous marble effect finish).

Marble effect splashback.

Classic/Modern Infusion

Whilst kitchen design choices are often put down to a binary choice of classic or modern, the truth isn’t always so simple. People prefer a combination of the two, often seeking modern day practicality within appliances and storage, whilst retaining a more traditional stylistic sensibility. This is perfect for those looking for a kitchen that feels and acts up-to-date, but that still has a look that is classic and easy on the eye.

Matte Black (Anthracite)

Black is a colour that has and always will be a favourite within kitchen design, such is its simplicity and its tendency to fit alongside any other colours or tones. This has been taken a step further with the emergence of the matte black finish or anthracite as a dominant choice in kitchens across the country. Use this to add a touch of smooth modernity to your kitchen of choice.

Savoy Limestone and Anthracite Kitchen

In-Line Gloss Anthracite – One of our modern kitchens.

Suspended Lighting

Having suspended lighting fixtures has a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it helps to denote specific areas within the kitchen space. They help to anchor different parts of the kitchen, the dining area for example. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, suspended lighting is yet another statement piece that looks great no matter what.

Sand Oak Shaker Kitchen

Suspended lighting in our Sand Oak Shaker kitchen.


Copper finishes can be rustic, industrial or sleek, helping them to match any kitchen it appears within. For this reason, copper continues to be a dominant force in kitchen design and that will certainly be the case again in 2019. Rose gold is one copper variant that has risen to notable prominence in recent years, being applied to add stylistic accents around the home – especially the kitchen. Such is the popularity and versatility of copper, this trend is now seeping out into larger appliances as well as accessories.

Comfortable Dining

As the kitchen becomes the heart of the home with increasing speed, we prioritise comfort and living alongside the usual kitchen elements. As a result, comfortable dining has becoming something of a trend amongst those with the space to accommodate it. These kitchens make the most of their space in order to create a dining experience that exudes comfort and social opportunity. Think of it as an extension of the living area, only as part of the classic kitchen.

Looking Ahead…

These are just a few of the most important kitchen trends to keep an eye out for in 2021. As the world of kitchen design changes and shifts, take note of these points and be sure to adapt alongside it. Try out any of the above trends, and your kitchen is sure to be a stand out amongst your friends and family. Whether your kitchen is a classic or contemporary, it can benefit from the latest design trends in unique and effective ways. It’s time to make your kitchen a 2021 kitchen. Why not checked out our range of fitted kitchens in Manchester today?

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