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Top 3 Reasons To Have a New Kitchen

The New Year is well underway and with Christmas and January under our belts, many of us are looking to the year ahead in terms of carrying out home improvements and how to budget for these plans. One of the main priorities for many homeowners is installing a new kitchen and at Ramsbottom Kitchen Company, we’ve conducted some research into the top reasons to have a new kitchen in 2016.

Reason #1 – Evolved Functionality

An important factor that sways many people into a kitchen remodel is a change of requirements when it comes to functionality. The kitchen is very much the hub of the modern home and isn’t just about cooking and preparing food, but a multi-functional area for eating and socialising too.

According to our survey over 60% of families now eat in their kitchen, which means an open plan area with a breakfast bar or space for a dining room table is key. Other deciding factors also include not enough space and storage. However, with a number of new and innovative storage options available from top kitchen manufacturers like Sheraton Kitchens, you’ll find plenty of solutions for effectively storing all your kitchenware and groceries with easy access and the ability to create more room, even in the smallest of kitchens.

Sheraton Kitchens

Reason #2 – Outdated Design

Our recent survey also showed that the average kitchen in the UK is 11 years old. Kitchen styles and functions have changed a lot over the past decade, which means an update could be long overdue.

Just under 40% questioned said they most disliked the colour and style of their current kitchen and showed a significant rise in people looking for contemporary styles over more traditional designs.  Many are not just looking to update an old kitchen, but move into the future with current trends specifically designed for modern living. Some of these trends include a preference for a white colour scheme, hardwearing and upmarket materials such as granite and Silestone worktops and mood lighting like Sensio Kitchen Lighting that offer flexible and stylish lighting system to complete the look.

Sensio Lighting

Reason #3 – Going High-Tech

Another top feature of dislikes were appliances such as hobs, ovens and fridges. These are all integral parts of a kitchens functionality and style, so updating to more modern kitchen appliances means you will improve your kitchen experience no end and add value to your home. With a large majority of clients looking to spend £5,000 to £15,000 on a kitchen remodel with an independent kitchen supplier, it’s easy to incorporate high-tech appliances from the likes of Neff Appliances into contemporary designs that will enhance usability and style, without breaking your budget.

At Ramsbottom Kitchen Company you’ll find everything you could possibly need for kitchen design that offers great value for money, quality and a broad range of products for flexible kitchen remodeling that will stand the test of time. We’re always happy to talk about our fantastic offers and ranges, which suit a variety of individual and family requirements, so get in touch today!

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