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What it mean to be a Neff Master Partner


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At Ramsbottom Kitchen Company we always want to share our success with you, our customers, to demonstrate how much we value your business. One of these successes is that we are a 5* Neff MasterPartner, as well as being recently awarded with the highly commended Neff Master Partner of the Year Award 2015.

You may well be wondering what this means for you as our customers, well it means a whole lot. As 5* Neff MasterPartners, we can pass on all the benefits as a business to you.

Innovative appliances for your every need

First and foremost is the extensive and diverse range of quality Neff Appliances we have on offer at the Ramsbottom Kitchen Company showroom. Neff Appliances have just launched a whole new range of built-in appliances that will make any kitchen look sleek and complete. As a recognised 5* Neff MasterPartner, we have access to the new range so our customers can have the best choice of some of the kitchen industries most innovative appliances to date.

Perhaps you’re looking for a climate controlled fridge, like the Neff VitaFresh® Fridges that allow you to prolong the life of all your fresh food by storing it in separate drawers at 0°C, but with varying humidity levels – with salads, fruits and vegetables kept at 90% humidity, and meat and fish stored at 50% humidity to keep them fresher for longer.

Neff Vita Fresh Fridge

Or maybe you want a state-of-the-art oven that has all the functionality and efficiency you will ever need with exceptional style too, like the new range of Neff Slide&Hide® ovens. The Neff Slide&Hide allows you to get up close and personal with your food whilst you’re cooking and comes with CircoTherm® that heats up quickly and maintains an even temperature, whilst keeping flavour contamination to a minimum.

Slide & HIde Lifestyle Video

Benefits of purchasing from a Neff Master Partner

Beyond the range of Neff Appliances available to our customers, are the added extras that our customers receive when they purchase a Neff Appliance from the Ramsbottom Kitchen Company. Depending on the types of products you purchase, there are welcome packs and offers that will make the purchase so much sweeter.

The Neff Welcome Packs differ depending on what products they come with, but they can include Neff aprons, oven gloves, utensils, tea towels, cup-cake cases, cookaholics plates and so much more, which are perfect all you foodies who want to cook up a storm in your new kitchen with Neff Appliances. Some appliances also come with the opportunity to win e-gift cards, so you can have a little extra to spend on making your kitchen just right.

300 E Gift Card NEFF offer

All this and more, is available to our customers simply because we are 5* Neff MasterPartners. They have chosen the Ramsbottom Kitchen Company to be their partners so we can continue to give our customers the benefits of their products and the lovely added extras too.

If you’d like to know more about the Ramsbottom Kitchen Company and the Neff Appliances we have on offer then come and visit our showroom or view the online catalogue.

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