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Goodbye Restaurants, Hello Kitchen!


For many years, we have enjoyed going out to eat, thinking it was saving time, stress, and sometimes even trying to justify that it was somehow saving us money. What science has learned, however, is that regularly eating in restaurants has been gaining us weight, increasing our sodium and calorie intake, and adding inches to our waists! The day has come for the kitchen to take back its rightful place as the hub of the home – it’s time to move back to the good, nourishing home cooking that most of us grew up on.

Healthy food doesn’t have to be daunting – and it can be delicious

Healthy foods, prepared in a health conscious way, are increasingly proving to be the key to a long life. Not only that, but the key to enjoying the time we have here, with fewer health issues during our younger, more active years and a more attractive figure to boot. If you are among the masses that dread cooking dinner in, thinking about a tiny cramped kitchenette that hardly has a thing in the refrigerator, it’s time to rethink your kitchen! Greatness as an at-home chef awaits you with some of these amazing kitchen appliances.


Tiny kitchen? No problem!

There are some technological advances that just make life feel cooler. Neff Slide & Hide Ovens are a fantastic start to creating a dream kitchen, and a very affordable swap out too. The oven door, when opened, slides into a hidden pocket in the oven itself, which makes basting a chicken and burning yourself on the hot oven door a thing of the past. Want to extend that level of amazing innovation to other kitchen appliances? Try the Induction Hob, also from Neff appliances. They’re less costly to run, they are safe to touch even when on, and they heat quickly and evenly. Now you’re cooking!

Hot and On The Move

Efficiency is everything, because your life moves fast – but you don’t have to eat out to save time. Think about eliminating the kettle time by installing a Boiling Water Tap from Quooker – this amazing, designer kitchen appliance not only saves time but also saves energy and water, and looks chic too.


If you’d rather keep to the old-fashioned water distribution system, but still want the modern look, consider Frank Kitchen Sink Systems. They install quickly, offer easy maintenance and a look that’s enviable. Kitchen designers love Frank Kitchen Sink Systems because they have a clean classicism to them that fits with any décor.

A Good Shop

Setting up a good week’s worth of meals may start with the best kitchen appliances, but a good shop is another important factor in getting yourself fed the healthy way. Stock up on greens, veg and fruit, and leave the biscuits and starchy breads at the shop. Great snacking food when you’re running: olives and walnuts, and you can make your very own lovely tapas at home when you have them in your fridge! Check out our favourite latest recipes here.

Kitchen Appliances – Worth The Investment?

When you’re talking about transitioning to eating in more, you know you’ll be saving in the long run. It can still be a bit hard to make that initial investment in top of the line kitchen appliances, but if you want to upgrade your kitchen Ramsbottom Kitchen Company can help you plan your perfect kitchen while keeping the project in manageable, cost-effective pieces – allowing you to eat better, feel better and live better.

Bon appetite!

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