White & Cream Kitchens

White & Cream Kitchen Ideas

White and cream kitchens generally have a very airy feel to them, it helps to make the room feel big and spacious. 

White is generally regarded as a pure, simplistic colour which can convey cleanliness and freshness.  Some may choose to have a second colour accent in their kitchen to spice it up a little whilst others go for the simplicity of white or cream throughout.  

Take a look through our white and cream kitchen offerings below and if you find something that you are interested in, just let us know.


Broadstyle Ivory

Crystal Gloss Limestone

Cube Cashmere and Ivory

Embossed Ivory Truffle

Flute Ivory

Gloss Stone Shaker

In-Line Gloss Cashmere

In-line Gloss Ivory

In-Line Gloss Limestone

In-line Gloss White

In-Line Gloss White Shaker

Inset Anthracite and Limestone

Inset Mattonella Gloss Cashmere

Inset Mattonella Gloss White

Ivory Chamfered Shaker

Ivory Shaker

Manor House Shaker Sandstone and Anthracite

Mattonella Gloss Cashmere

Mattonella Gloss Ivory

Mattonella Gloss Stone

Minster Painted Slate and Graphite


Oblique Gloss White

Painted Ivory and Hickory Wood Shaker

Regent Ivory

Satin White

Wood Framed Ivory

Woodgrain Lissa Oak Slab

Woodgrain White Avola

Woodgrain White Oak

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