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Kitchen layout is one of the most important aspects to get right with the kitchen design. Ideally everything should be easily accessible and the room should have a good flow and feel but yet be practical.  Here is a quick bit of advice when it comes to layout:



If you have plenty of space then an island allows for plenty of cupboard space around the perimeter of the room. The island can be useful for storage, hob, sink or just a prep area.


Nattow kitchens are referred to as ‘galley kitchens’. You may be able to fit units on one or both sides of the room.  In some cases there are options to use half depth wall units to give more space.


This shape of kitchen can be a good layout for what we call ‘the working triangle’ which is where most of the action happens in the kitchen. Generally these kitchens have good storage and worktop space but we would recommend specialist corner units to make those awkward corners easy to use and great for storage.


This shape of kitchen works well for the ‘working triangle’ which is where you will be most busy in your kitchen. Sometimes it can be good to put the sink halfway down one side of the units and put the oven halfway down the other side.


L-Shape Kitchen Designs

L-Shape Kitchen Designs

Easy, breezy and simple to use, L-shape kitchen designs allow for ease of flow within a relatively high-traffic space (a convenient feature, given that kitchens are the most frequently used room in the house). L-shaped kitchens are also highly efficient in terms of...

U Shape Kitchen Ideas

U Shape Kitchen Ideas

A U shape kitchen layout is extra-efficient: using the perimeter of the kitchen to maximise the amount of available floor space while giving you ease of access to everything you need. It’s a layout that works in kitchens of all sizes (especially compact) - and also...

Kitchen Layout Ideas

Most of the time, the layout of your kitchen will be determined by the size and shape of your house, but luckily, there are always a few creative ways to the best of the available room. There are four common shapes in the world of residential kitchens that occur as a...

Galley Kitchen Ideas

Due to their age, the rooms in some older homes across the UK can end up being quite an odd shape – and one of the most common of these are long and narrow kitchens, also known as galley kitchens. While some people will refuse to use a galley kitchen, it is surprising...

Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen islands have been in use as far back as the 1800s in Victorian Britain. Back in those days, land was cheap, homes were larger and so many middle-class people found themselves with plenty of unused floor space in their kitchens which could be better used as a...

Small Kitchen Ideas – Design Ideas For Small Spaces

Having an undersized kitchen isn’t the end of the world – and it’s a good job considering the size of many kitchens in house across the UK. But while this may seem like a disadvantage, great designers have - out of necessity – worked to come up with the best and most...

Open Plan Kitchen Designs: A Trend Reborn

Just a few years ago, open plan kitchens were all the rage. Then they fell out of favour just as quickly as they had emerged, with people leaning more towards a classic style and going back to basics. However, the world of kitchens and the trends within it are much...

Where to place kitchen cabinets and appliances

If you're thinking of reorganising or remodelling your kitchen, then the first decision is getting the layout right. Most kitchen layouts rely on the work triangle between the sink, the cooking area and the refrigerator. That being said, modern kitchen design is all...

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