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The Oblique Painted kitchen is an example of how clean lines can be used to create an ultra-modern finish and available in 21 different painted colours. Utilising a modern, handle-less design, your kitchen space is opened up into a haven of serenity and utility. The lacquered, high gloss finish maximises the space potential and brightens the room in equal measure, allowing your storage to work as the optimum backdrop for your own homely sensibilities. Pictured here in white, the cabinets are manufactured in MDF with a high-gloss lacquered finish and integrated pull handles, with the cabinets epitomising cleanliness and class.

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    Hand crafted in the UK

    One attribute we can assure you of is quality. We can give you the kitchen of your dreams, safe in the knowledge that every component is built to function faultlessly and to last over time. This particular Sheraton kitchen comes complete with smart storage, fantastically innovative features and striking stylistic attributes. This Sheraton kitchen comes with the finest high gloss lacquered finish.

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