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This particular kitchen is a clean, modern slab-style with a beautiful Lissa Oak woodgrain finish. A stylish on-trend kitchen with a classic woodgrain finish, inset handles and touch-to-open appliances. A fantastic feature of these Sheraton kitchens is their ability to be adapted to suit any taste or requirements. This Lissa Oak Slab Woodgrain texture is available in either horizontal or vertical.

Sheraton kitchens speak for themselves when it comes to style. One of the critical design features of this kitchen is how functional it is. The enticing texture of Lissa Oak is what makes this Kitchen ultra-exclusive.

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    Hand crafted in the UK

    One thing Sheraton master is the ability to combine style and modern functionality. We can provide you with your kitchen safe in the knowledge that every component is built to function flawlessly, and built to last. That’s not all, as this kitchen comes with smart storage systems, exquisite style and distinguished innovative features. We’ve taken the functionality of modern kitchens and applied a perfect touch of class.

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