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An Elegant, minimalist statement kitchen featuring an open design and ‘inset’ handle-less innovation. Hemlock Nordique is available with either a horizontal or vertical woodgrain and is shown above in mixed Setosa painted Steel Blue. It is also faced with Melamine and true PVC edging. This stunning kitchen comes with a unique woodgrain effect finish alongside touch-to-open appliances.

Sheraton kitchens speak for themselves. With its distinctive square-framed design and timeless appeal, the Hemlock Nordique is a true British classic. Sheraton kitchens can be adapted to suit any taste or needs. With a traditional kitchen like this, you are guaranteed a classic look and feel with the added benefit of modern functionality.

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    Hand crafted in the UK

    This Sheraton kitchen range has the ability to cater for every taste. The kitchen includes excellent, innovative features, smart storage systems as well as full functionality, flexibility and style. We’ve taken the elegance and finesse of Sheraton and applied simple functionality that makes each design in this range an inspirational kitchen for modern living. With all our kitchens, you can be safe in the knowledge that every component is built to function and last.

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