Flute Ivory

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If you’re looking for a kitchen that oozes class and simplicity, then this is the traditional kitchen for you. The grooved centre panels add a unique touch to the overall look of the kitchen, whilst the matte ivory finish makes for a casual but welcoming tone.

Sheraton Kitchens are a tried-and-tested brand, providing only the highest quality kitchens to meet all kinds of requirements. With subtle styling and finish, this Flute Ivory kitchen is not to be missed for those looking to add a traditional feel to their home.

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    Our vast range of Sheraton Kitchens has something for everyone. With 21st century innovation, cutting edge functionality and eye-catching style, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in a new kitchen. As with all of our kitchens, you are guaranteed a product that is built to function properly and built to last.

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