These provisions deal with what we do, what we are required to do and what you are required to do to ensure that we understand each other and our respective rights and responsibilities.




  • You choose the style, design, colour and material of cabinets, worktops and appliances from catalogues and display units in our Showroom. From the selections you make we will produce a design drawing which will be a three dimensional projected plan.  That plan you agree states what you are getting and where it is to be located together with an itemised specification of the units in terms of worktops, carcases, drawers and doors together with their carousels, and other storage devices.  The appliances both in terms of function, manufacturer and location.
  • The Design drawings, price specification and the inventory of goods supplied is the agreed provision of kitchen furniture by us to you. All the items are made or supplied to your specific order.  You agree not to cancel the contract and not to change it without our written confirmation.  If you wish to change the specification then it must be requested 21 days prior to installation for none painted kitchens and 28 days prior to installation for painted kitchens. After this you agree to pay 100% of the furniture price and 40% of the cost of any appliances, worktops and other accessories.
  • Please note that we agree to supply and deliver the kitchen units, worktops and appliances which you have chosen. The fitters work will be guaranteed for twelve months.  Thereafter any remedial work will be charged at twenty five pounds with the addition of any parts.  We do not directly employ kitchen fitters nor do not offer any services as plumbers, builders nor electricians.  We will recommend any tradesmen but the agreement you reach will be with them and they will be responsible for their works.  They will be supervised by our Contracts Fitting Manager.
  • a) The shape, light and available space are governed by your room so allow for these factors as a characteristic of variables.  Our kitchen units are items of furniture to your chosen style and layout by a specific manufacturer.  Like the items of furniture in any other room in your house they have weight bearing tolerances which will be exceeded if you overload drawers and in particular retractable carousels.  Please treat the units with the same sensitivity as the furniture in your living room.  This includes not using harsh solvents or excessively wet cleaning techniques on it.  The manufacturers can provide us for your benefit, a technical specification with a load bearing characteristics, tolerances and compatibility with solvents and other cleaning products.
  • Wood warps in wet or damp conditions.  Foil wrapped simulation wood or lacquered finishes are susceptible to serious internal deterioration if the coatings are breached.  They all can be dented if hit hard with a mop, brush handle or vacuum suction pipe.
  • The proportion and colour of items change in accordance with the amount of light and the surrounding colour scheme.  The shape and available space are governed by your room and you must allow for these characteristics both on delivery of the units, appliances, and worktops and after they have been fitted.  Wood and granite in particular are natural materials and may vary as they are incapable of being uniformly produced.
  • Most granite has some degree of pitting, whether microscopic or visible to the naked eye. These natural pits pose no maintenance or wear issues. 
  1. Slate floor is a natural product and can be sealed after it has been laid, however Ramsbottom Kitchen Company does not carry out the process.
  2. Wall tiles will always be complimented with white tile trim unless otherwise stated
  • Access to the water, gas, drainage and electricity connections and the site in general are for you to arrange. We will try and help by giving guidance on precise locations and connections.  Unless otherwise states on the enclosed paperwork, we expect all electrics to be of an adequate standard to accept all the appliances that are to be installed.
  • Payment for your kitchen must be in full by or on the date of delivery. Please ensure that all funds have cleared your bank account prior to the installation date, as post-dated cheques are not acceptable. If payment is by bank transfer the funds must appear in our account by the first day of the kitchen installation. Our specification may deal with interim payments if we have requested them and you have agreed to such payments then if they are not paid we can withhold delivery.  If after 21 days you still do not pay, then we shall be entitled to end this agreement and to charge you for cancellation, storage and aborted delivery costs.
  • The delivery date is an estimate only and you accept that if we are let down by manufacturers or unable to delivery it you will not be entitled to refuse late delivery or treat late delivery as a breach of these provisions. If necessary or agreed, we may deliver the goods by instalments.  If you are unable to take delivery on the appointed date we require 14 days prior to installation for none painted kitchens and 21 days notice for painted kitchens, if not you agree to pay £50.00 per week storage costs incurred by us as a result.  If this occurs then you must inform us of alternative dates for delivery and we must agree an alternative date before it becomes the operative date.
  • We will make every effort to ensure that items do not arrive damaged, however if you notice any item it must be reported within 10 days of our completion. Replacements are our responsibility for defective, damaged, incomplete or wrong items being delivered.
  • The kitchen furniture is covered by a 20 year manufactures warranty on all cabinets, hinges and drawers and a 15 year guarantee on doors and selected accessories, details of which you will receive once the kitchen has been installed. The kitchen warranty does not apply to ancillary parts to your kitchen, specifically appliances, worktops, sink, taps, lighting, handles and wirework. These carry their own individual guarantees which are available upon request.  The warranty status is held by Ramsbottom Kitchen Company Ltd and we reserve the right to replace at our discretion any defective carcase, door or drawer front with a similar style in case of non-availability of the original.
  • If you are having silestone or granite in your new kitchen, please be aware that it can take up to 2-3 weeks from templating to install.
  • We cannot take any refrigeration unit from your house according to EU environmental regulations. Your local Council will have to arrange this for you to have them uplifted.
  • Any existing appliances are fitted on a goodwill basis, and any damage, fault or appliance not meeting 17th edition criteria is at your own liability. Any appliances supplied by yourself must be on site prior to installation.
  • All our calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes, A copy of our privacy notice is available on our website.www.ramsbottomkitchens.co.uk or by emailing [email protected]