5 celebrity luxury kitchens worthy of winning the World Cup

Written by Daniel Peace

June 13, 2018

There are bad kitchens, good kitchens and great kitchens. Standing tall above all others however, are the select few kitchens that are good enough to be considered truly out of this world. Luxurious to the extreme, expensive and decadent more often than not, these kitchens belong to the elite few who can afford them and pull it off in style. They range in design and size, but one thing they all have in common is an outlandish ability to floor onlookers and visitors with their splendour and grandiose vision.

With the football World Cup on the horizon, it got us thinking – what if there was an equivalent competition for kitchen designs? Who would stand head and shoulders above the competition and claim the ultimate prize? With that in mind, these are our top 5 celebrity luxury kitchens, described in exorbitant detail for your pleasure…

Beyoncé & Jay-Z

It should come as no surprise that this power couple appear on this list, such is the fame and fortune acquired by these music industry figureheads. Based within a Holby Hills LA mansion (what else?), the kitchen is as modern as the tunes each of them craft on a daily basis. Its large, open-plan setting is complimented by a room-wide window that overlooks beautiful lush greenery and the granite cityscape beyond. All units incorporate contemporary straight lines and edges, complete with a white high gloss finish that screams innovation and elegance. Built-in ceiling spotlights and an abundance of seating space make this a luxurious kitchen for the whole family. One very lucky family at that.

View their kitchen here.


The famous talk show host certainly has an eye for something classy with an unusual edge, as this unique kitchen proves beyond doubt. Within this Colorado mansion, which costed a cool 14 million dollars, Oprah has opted for polished wood panelling across all units. This works alongside steel and other metallic tones in order to craft a kitchen that feels classic yet contemporary. This is a balance that many kitchens fail to strike, but Oprah’s does so with aplomb. Overhead beams provide a one-of-a-kind feature as well as a perfect lighting opportunity, whilst the room’s narrow shape creates the feeling of a kitchen like no other.

View her kitchen here.

Ralph Lauren

Would you expect anything less than a stylish, on-trend kitchen design in the home of this world-renowned fashion icon? True to form, Ralph Lauren’s kitchen includes a high-gloss celadon island as its centrepiece, a customised vent, and storage adorned in stainless steel and white lacquer. With an oven and worktop provided by Wolf, and chairs by Knoll, this is a high-end kitchen in every sense. The custom vent is a particular highlight, showcasing just how individual and unique this kitchen really is. One-of-a-kind kitchen designs are what we look to celebrities for, after all.

View his kitchen here.

Cameron Diaz

Now for something a little different. Far from following the usual Hollywood fare, this movie star has opted for a design that manages to pull of the difficult balancing act of utilising quirky and classic colours or features, whilst maintaining an overall contemporary feel. The jade green doors and metallic back splash look almost retro, yet they also feel new and fresh in the face of the more typical modern notes seen in many kitchens. Even the wooden floors, a common feature in many 21st century kitchen spaces, are transformed into a standout feature through their ebony staining. This is the most original kitchen design on this list, by some margin.

View her kitchen here.

Sir Elton John

Unsurprisingly flamboyant, the legendary singer-songwriter’s kitchen is a sight to behold. If colour and making a statement is your style, then you can’t do much better than this offering by Elton John and his husband David Furnish. The overall design is all clean lines and modern sensibilities; however it is in the bright green walls and various statement pieces that this kitchen really comes to life. The crystal chandelier (from 1969) used to hang in Milan’s Grand Hotel. Full of life and possibility, this is a kitchen that reflects an individual vision whilst maintaining an inviting tone for guests.

View his kitchen here.

All of the above are worthy of winning the Kitchen World Cup, setting the gold standard for high-end kitchen design throughout the industry and the world. Which of these celebrity kitchens is your winner? Let us know on our Facebook page.

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