What is a Quooker tap?

Written by Daniel Peace

April 20, 2018

You know the feeling. Emptying, refilling and boiling the kettle repeatedly has left you with the sense that both water and energy is being lost. That means your money is being lost along with your precious time. Surely there’s an easier way? Something simpler and more efficient. Well, if all the above applies to you, then you’re in luck. The Quooker boiling water tap is the answer to these problems and more. Here’s our easy guide to answering the question, just what is a Quooker Tap?

The Ultimate Kitchen Appliance

To put it simply, a Quooker is a tap that dispenses boiling water immediately. That’s right, no more waiting around for the kettle to do its magic. With the Quooker, you just turn the tap on and boiling water comes out.  It’s a true 100-degree boiling water tap too, and the only one on the market. Others that claim to be boiling only reach up to 98 degrees, so the Quooker really is one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re preparing food or a round of afternoon tea, this is a tap that will make your everyday life a whole lot easier. No more waiting for the kettle or a pan of water to boil. It’ll save you both time and money too, but more on that later.

Types of Quooker Taps Explained

The Quooker tap comes in a few different variations. You could opt for the separate boiling water tap, which comes complete with an accompanying mixer tap for your standard water types. Alternatively, Quooker offer both the ‘Flex’ and ‘Fusion’, which give you a single tap for hot, cold and boiling water. One tap for all occasions.

The Flex is particularly special, in that it gives the user the option of a flexible pull-out tap head for the standard hot and cold water. Not only does this help regarding safety, but it rounds off a highly functional and practical kitchen appliance in similar style.

Speaking of safety, all Quooker taps are completed to the highest standards of regulation and safety. For this reason, the Quooker tap has a childproof handle that requires a ‘push and turn’. Several red-light indicators inform the user of when the boiling water is being heated or dispensed. The tap spouts are all insulated, ensuring that they are not too hot to touch.

Finally, the taps are height adjustable to reduce splashes, and the water is released as a fine-spray to reduce risk of burns or other injury.  If safety and efficiency are important to you and your family, then look no further than a Quooker tap.

How Does a Quooker Tap Work?

Using a COMBI boiler, the Quooker can work via a single small tank that sits underneath your kitchen sink, negating the need to run the water from your standard tank elsewhere in the house. As all your water would come from this small tank, including your standard hot and cold, the days of waiting for the water to hear up are over as well.

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How Does the Quooker Tap Helps You Save?

Filling a kettle often leads to wasted water. You cannot always accurately judge how much water you need, and all the waste adds up over the year to make up a significant loss. With access to an immediate source of boiling water through the Quooker tap, such loss will be vanquished once and for all, making the user a significant saving. But having all that boiling water ready to go all day every day must be costly, right? Wrong. It costs just 3p per day to have the boiling water on-tap.

Why is a Quooker Tap a Worthwhile Investment?

Quooker taps more than make up their price as a result of the time, energy, water and overall cost saved over time. No kettle means less energy and water wasted, leading to cost savings that make all the difference to running a household.

Perhaps most appealing of all is the efficiency – all that time you tend to spend stood by the kettle awaiting its finish would be a thing of the past with Quooker. Who doesn’t want that?

If you think the Quooker instant boiling water tap could be exactly what your kitchen needs, then head over to our dedicated Quooker page for more information and start your own kitchen revolution today.

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