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A unique yet straightforward kitchen made from beautiful New England Oak. The woodgrain finish adds texture to this kitchen style and is available in either a horizontal or vertical finish. Another enviable feature is the simple slab door in textured, mid-oak. Take a step further into this kitchen, and you can see the real secrets that it holds. Inset handles to begin with, touch to open appliances, a beautiful open space and the smooth woodgrain finish.

This Sheraton kitchen is undoubtedly the one to help fill that void in your home, and become the beating heart of your everyday living space. This kitchen has a timeless appeal, distinctive square frame design and impressive modern functionality. One prominent benefit of Sheraton kitchens is their ability to be fine-tuned to suit any requirements or taste.


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    Hand crafted in the UK

    This Sheraton New England Oak kitchen is a work of art in craftsmanship. It comes included with impressive, innovative features, complete flexibility and superb storage features. With a kitchen like this, you can assure yourself a modern look with the added gain of impeccable functionality. Moreover, with this kitchen, you can be safe in the knowledge that every component is built to operate smoothly and built to last. This magnificent kitchen is a statement and made with modern living in mind.

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